17.04  - 08.05. 2021

Jonas Georg Christensen og Peter Olsen. In-between.

Opening Saturday 17.04  12:00 - 15:00

For the past 10 years, Christensen and Olsen have worked with artistic interventions in the form of subtle paintings on building facades.

They work on anonymous industrial architecture, such as warehouses, sports centres and factory buildings, the site-specific interventions being based on both the surrounding environment, and the design, colors and materials of the buildings.

The strategy propose new possibilities of visual art in the public space today, where they differ in essence from e.g. the invasive manifestations of graffiti, working more with a kind of visual assimilation that reads the anonymous architecture, and cool-critically corrects in an overall interpretation of place and space.

After being photographed the painted facades are still in the public sphere, where the citizen can encounter them without intermediary. Thus, the works appear out there as discrete interventions in the city's peripheral space, while at the same time being produced as large-format photographs, and displayed as mediated works in the exhibition space raising questions about the positioning of the artwork.

21.05  - 12.06. 2021

Lise Harlev Tilman Wendland - The Echoing of a Sound Reveals the Size of the Room You Are In

26—29 August 2021