Florencia Escudero, Nadia Haji Omar, Ronald Burns

10. juni - 8. juli 2023

It is with great pleasure that we open the exhibition with Florencia Escudero, Nadia Haji Omar and Ronald Burns on Saturday 10 June at 15:00-17:00.


Escudero, Haji Omar and Burns are all graduates of the School of Visual Arts i

New York.

Haji Omar's drawings are complex and repetitive compositions of meditative patterns. She often organizes elements based on linguistic structures and characters, as in the Sinhalese and Tamil alphabets, combining the personal with a minimalist method.

Florencia Escudero's sculptures are often soft, handmade and with digital textile prints, a kind of surreal pillow animal where feminist theory, needlework and cyber culture meet in an attempt to rewind the objectification of women's bodies, to instead investigate how objects become people.

Ronald Burns, who has lived in Copenhagen since 1965 and a long time member of the artist association Grønningen, shares the surreal universe with Escudero, and the eclectic idiom with Haji Omar. Burns frequently returns to the Baroque and Romanticism, and often combines the present now with the personally remembered.


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